Hypnotists are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment offered by high schools events nationwide. Each performance is fast moving, tastefully done and guaranteed to be enjoyed by all.

Hypnotism is a great tool for entertainment, but it also provides helpful suggestions to students, with the increase of temptation and the peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol. Swinging Watch Entertainment knows how important it is to provide an alternative source of entertainment.

Every post prom hypnotist / high school hypnotist uses hypnosis in a safe and age appropriate way. Hypnosis is meant to entertain; NO ONE is embarrassed or asked to be involved in an activity that will degrade the student in any way. In almost all cases, the volunteers would eagerly agree to participate in a similar activity in the future.

The average show is made up routines plus post hypnotic suggestions. Self-help suggestions are to assist the participants in breaking bad habits, sleep well, and increase positive attitudes, personal focus, sports enhancement and a variety of other suggestions to assist people in all areas of life. Fun suggestions are also included where people will respond to a word after coming out of hypnosis. At the end of the show, all suggestions are removed from the subjects and they are recognized as the true stars of the show.

Once your date is booked, Swinging Watch Entertainment contacts the venue and discusses all physical / technical arrangements. The hypnotist communicates with the contact person within the group to research the school, audience and other details pertinent to the event, and then designs a performance within the scope of the information reviewed. Prior to the event, the hypnotist will phone the school contact person to discuss, in detail, what the performance content will be and lets them make revisions if needed the date of the event. The Post Prom hypnotist will then arrive at least an hour prior to the event to make sure all technical needs are attended to.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us . Take the next step and be the success of your next event by booking Swinging Watch Entertainment today.

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